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At Butterwise, we offer a wide range of shea butters for the B2B market. We deliver large quantities of shea butter and other natural African products such as cacao butter and coconut oil to businesses. We are a wholesale company that provides both refined and unrefined shea butter and other African products for B2B customers.

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Butterwise is a wholesale company that delivers large volumes of cacao butter, coconut oil, baobab oil, black soap and lavender oil to B2B customers. Our warehouse is located in the Netherlands so we can ship and send quickly. Since we work with natural products with a limited shelf life and depend on the production and harvest in Africa, our stock fluctuates. Contact for a quotation or current stock supply. For our supply chain, we work together with experienced partners such as Neele-Vat or Versteijnen transport. Of course, it is also possible to arrange your own transport. Please notify us prior to your order, if you would like to use your own transport method. We will prepare your order for dispatch and have it ready for pickup at the desired transport date.

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We offer different packaging options for our products. Depending on your preferences we can offer the following packaging options.

Unrefined and refined shea butter bulk

At Butterwise, you can buy both raw and refined shea butter in bulk. As a wholesale company, we have a large assortment of African shea butters in our assortment. Both the unrefined (‘raw’) and refined shea butters are of outstanding quality and can be delivered on a short term.

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If you would like to purchase raw or refined shea butter in bulk, give us a call or send us an email for a quotation. We are happy to help!