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Butterwise, finest African naturals

We are passionate about the natural products of Africa. The pure power of 100% nature is stored in our products from the Savannah, traditional hand-crafted and direct from the source.

We open the doors for people around the world to discover the wonders of Africa’s nature and are committed to support the women in Northern Ghana, the producers of our products.

We supply the finest oils and fats from West Africa, direct from the source. This means no middlemen or agents take a portion of the profits of the women in Ghana. Butterwise is the preferred distributor of The Savannah Fruits Company, the Ghanaian company organizing the production and the women producing your products.

You can make a nice story out of that, we just sell the good stuff.

Wholesale and retail

Everybody can purchase our products. We sell small quantities as well as bulk:

  • Small cans and bottles for customers who like small or make their own beauty products. These units are filled under own supervision to ensure the highest quality.
  • Boxes of 25kg and pallets for bigger clients in the cosmetic or food industry.

The women in Ghana

The mission of Butterwise is to empower rural Ghanaian women by introducing their highest quality soaps, shea butters and other fats and oils to the rest of the world. Buying their products provides extra income for the women picking the nuts, roasting, milling, kneading and filling the boxes and drums. We ensure that value addition at source is maximized: no money sticks to the fingers of middlemen.
All this is guarded by The Savannah Fruits Company.

Every box with shea butter or piece of soap is traceable all the way to the women doing their best to produce the products for you. We have a close relationship with The Savannah Fruits Company and on a regular base Jeroen visits Ghana to meet the women in person. It is powerful to connect with them and hear firsthand how the community benefits from the production of shea butter and other products. And, also important, those visits increase our knowledge of shea butter and how it is made.

Check out the pictures and the story here.

shea butter pickers in Ghana

Butterwise products like shea butter

Shea butter

Butterwise serves you with beautiful sustainable West-African products direct from the source and traditional hand-crafted. Our products are 100% natural and traceable.

Our shea butter is a nurturing butter for your skin and hair, to use pure or to create your own beauty products.

Smooth without crystallisation

Over the years we gained knowledge about shea butter and are able to fill our small cans shea butter without crystallization. Take a close look, feel the texture en smell our shea. Compare it with other suppliers and notice the difference.

Shea butter without crystals

Fair trade and organic shea butter

Sustainable products

No plantations
The nuts and seeds for making our products are wild picked. This means no forest is cut or farmland is occupied by plantations.

All our organic products are certified organic. You can be sure that the shea butter is not contaminated due to ‘human activity’. Guaranteed no traces of fertilizer, pesticides or anti-malaria components.
Read the story about our organic products and certification.

Fair Trade
All our shea butter is produced in a socially responsible way. But to ensure even more income we offer Fair for Life shea butter, certified by Ecocert S.A.. This Fair Trade shea butter provides extra income on top of the normal earnings of women who produce the shea butter in the poor rural areas of Northern Ghana.

Meanwhile in the Netherlands

We enjoy working with products that are pure and natural and at the same time offer sustainable work and income for people in Northern Ghana. This is why we jump out of bed in the morning. This is what makes our heart beat faster.

I hope you share our love for the products and Ghana. Together we make sure everybody can discover Africa’s natural products and at the same time support the community in Ghana.


Head office Halfweg, The Netherlands

Our office with all kinds of fine African products is situated in Halfweg, The Netherlands. That is where we store the products that are filtered and packed like baobab oil, kombo butter, shea butter and more.
You can see some pictures at our not very often updated instagram page: @butterwise_finest_naturals.
Or at our twitter page.